SuperOx Japan is tailored
to the various needs of our customers
We will deliver customized superconducting wires.

Due to stable operation Achieves miniaturization and weight reduction of equipment

Next-generation high-temperature superconducting (2G HTS) wires have zero electrical resistance, as well as being able to carry large currents, and are capable of stable operation in extremely high magnetic fields. It has characteristics.
This makes it possible to realize equipment that uses high-temperature superconductivity, reduce the size and weight of conventional equipment such as motors and transformers, and reduce CO2 by improving energy efficiency.



The key elements in the technology of 2G HTS wires manufacturing at SuperOx Japan LLC rely on the electropolished 35µm Hastelloy substrate, magnetron MgO-IBAD texturing process, PLD deposition of the GdBaCuO superconductor. Currently SuperOx Japan is capable of producing 2G HTS taped of up to 700 m length with the critical current of 700A.

The manufactured superconducting tapes have excellent homogeneity of the critical current Ic along the tape length.


2G HTS Tapes for All Applications