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Product information

The main products are second generation high temperature superconducting (2G HTS) wires. It exhibits excellent electrical characteristics such as zero electrical resistance and stable operation in a very high magnetic field. Our 2G HTS wire allow you to take full advantage of these properties. It is finished as an advanced product by controlling the thickness at the nanometer level.

Technical information

The key technology for making 2G HTS wire rods at SuperOx Japan GK is MgO-IBAD composition formation process by magnetron sputtering, Formation of GdBaCuO superconducting film by PLD

Our thought

Progress Faster
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Superconducting technology is the one can make people's dream come true.  High temperature superconducting materials were discoverd in1986 and are used now in various spheres of human life. The main advantage of the superconducting technology is to create bigger amount of energy without generating carbon dioxide, this helps to noticeably reduce it in the atmosphere.
Our engineer are always careful in managing the manufacturing process and are open to fulfill the various needs of ourcustomers.


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